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Smart living 2.0

Home is the most important place of your life. A place where you can live all your emotions fully. A place where you can be yourself. For your home to be exactly that kind of place, we have created a clearly defined living concept.

Smart living 2.0 characterizes our residential projects in three main dimensions: exceptional space, unique design and smart technologies. Space encompasses selection of locations with complete public amenities and good access to both the city centre and natural areas. Design defines the unique appearance of the buildings not only in terms of architecture and its external concepts. We care very much about the technical settings of the buildings and their future utility value.

Smart technologies and their use in the design and construction processes are the obvious choice for us and a necessary component of your home. Technologies and their use in the entire process of creating and building a development project demonstrate our attitude to the new evolutionary step of smart living.

Space, design and technologies:
the means for
implementing our concept
of living for everything that you are.
3 steps to a happy home

A satisfied home is inseparably linked to three interconnected areas: a place where you feel good and find all that is needed. Exceptionality of design and its connection with the surroundings. And technologies that help you under any circumstances.


We believe in your independence. That is why we built independent housing for you. We build our projects on exceptional sites with respect to the place, its history and surroundings. We bring world-class architecture to our housing. A healthy environment for your home and quality and long-term housing sustainability are our priorities, which is why we put an emphasis on quality in materials, building processes and our work.

Premium materials, technologies and procedures are our standards, just as the fittings for your homes. We use sustainable natural materials. We care about every detail, good construction processing and technologies that help you live well and healthily in your flat.

Elements of Clever Living

We care for health and increased security

We should care about the environment we live in, and how it affects our health.


Energy savings and eco-friendly methods are firmly anchored in our philosophy.

Modern technology

Technology makes life in the apartment, as well as the construction, more efficient.

The right price

The price is set as the best ration at the given time and in the given location.

We care for health and increased security

House means security. A place that you can rely on. Without compromises. A secure environment and healthy indoor climate in your home is an absolute priority to us. That is why we use cutting-edge technologies and natural materials that ensure a healthy home and energy savings in your flat and take care of your security and health and those of your dearest ones. Take a look at the living standards we offer.

Emphasis on environment and energy savings

The environment and energy savings are not just fads for Smart Living. On the contrary, they are firmly embedded in Trigema philosophy. In every new project, we try to achieve even greater reductions of energy consumption costs and amount of harmful CO2 emissions.

The fundamental elements of environmental and energy efficiency of Smart Living are an interconnected built-in air-handling system with powerful heat recovery units and smart home controls. Other required measures include, for instance, green roofs, rainwater reuse, appropriate flat layouts and maintenance of efficient ratio of residential to shared areas, and of course, construction materials and procedures.

Use of modern technologies

Modern technologies are reflected in all the fittings of a flat, as well as the whole construction and design of the project. In practical living in the household, modern technologies are embodied, e.g., in smart home controls.

Smart control refers primarily to remote control of appliances, temperature or lighting adjustment, security and audio or video system controls. In addition, modern technology elements in the flat include forced ventilation in the form of heat recovery, including automated controls via timer programs, ventilation based on CO2 content and humidity, as well as the cooling mode or rime protection.

Services within reach

Smart living is a set of interlocking advantages. Housing is not only about what kind of flat you own, but where your home is located and how is it connected to its surroundings. Only those who have sufficient shops and other services within walking distance of their home and good and easy transport connection in all major directions will be satisfied. Smart Living enables all that.

Each project is unique, and no two places are the same. Yet there are certain principles that guide our site selection. We do not build projects amidst fields just because the land is cheaper there. We know our customers expect something more for their money than an isolated high-rise settlement.

The right price

Your own home is a long-term investment, but it pays off. Clever Living does not offer dubious quality. Thanks to a well thought-out and fair approach, it provides an efficient ratio between the benefits of such housing and the costs connected with it.

Clever Living guarantees that everyone buys an apartment for a price which is appropriate for the given time and location. We have long monitored the development of prices both in the Prague residential market and outside it, and we strive to ensure that the price really is set as the best price / performance ratio in the given locality. For example, you can see for yourself on the project www.flatzone.cz, which aggregates the menu of all new apartments and houses throughout the Czech Republic.