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Below you will find a brief overview of the questions and quick answers which we repeatedly encounter when selling our development projects. Didn't find an answer to your question? Ask us directly. You can use the telephone number 800 340 350 or the contact form.

Apartments and houses

How many apartments and houses are included in the project?

The project includes 203 housing units. 108 houses will be created in houses 1 - 4 and 95 apartments will be built in houses 5, 6, 7. In the first phase of the sale, the available offer includes apartments in buildings 5, 6, 7. You can find an apartment via the price list.

What layouts does the project offer?

In the project, you'll find all types of apartments, from small-sized 1 bedroom + kitchen corner to large 3 bedroom + kitchen corner. All of the apartments include a balcony or enclosed balcony. You can find your preferred layout interactive search engine or in the price list.

What are the prices of the apartments and the family homes?

The average price respects the market development in the given locality, as well as the high standard of living which follows from the technological equipment in the specific house or apartment. Thanks to the long-term monitoring of market development, we can state that it's very close to the current average on the borders of the Prague 4, 12 and 2 districts. You can see for yourself on the new property aggregator www.flatzone.cz

The complete price list is available here.

When will the project be completed, and when can I plan to move in?

The construction was commenced in March 2021; project is currently finished and ready to move in.

Will there also be commercial premises (shops, services) in the building?

Commercial premises are not part of the project.


What does the apartment include?

The apartment holds the Trigema Clever Living, which you can find at Standards

Is a choice of qualitative standards possible in the project?

Trigema stands behind the quality of its buildings. In order to ensure its sustainability, and comply with the planned schedule, we cannot allow clients to realise changes which affect the project or parts thereof.

We offer clients a choice of various decor in terms of interior doors, floors, tiles and floor tiling, while preserving the selected model range. All from top-class suppliers, with a guarantee of a quality product. You can find a list of the qualitative standards at Standards.

How many parking spaces are available, and do I have the option of purchasing a parking space separately?

A total of 133 parking spaces are located directly in the underground garages, 65 parking spaces are located at ground level, 38 are is intended for visits to the complex. In total, therefore, 236 parking spaces will be created. This number complies with building regulation requirements.

It's normal practice for some parking spaces to be offered for sale publicly, not only to persons interested in purchasing an apartment but also to neighbours and other inhabitants of the immediate vicinity. First of all, however, they are offered to the owners of the new apartments in our project. You can find more information in our Sales centre.


What civic amenities are there in the project's vicinity? (Where's the nearest school, kindergarten, public transport stop etc.)?

Directly near the house is the final bus stop "Skvrňany". Within 15 minutes you can reach the wider center of Pilsen (Palackého náměstí stop at OC Plaza).

In the case of using a private means of transport, another positive aspect of the project location is the fast accessibility of Regensburská Street (from there within 5 minutes on the D5) and the relatively abundant occurrence of gas stations in the vicinity (Křimice or Domažlická Street). More information is available at Locality.

Will our peace and privacy not be disturbed by the traffic in the area?

The project has most of the apartments oriented to a quiet courtyard. An argument that plays in favor of eliminating the surrounding noise is quality window triple glazing. The surrounding road of Vojanova Street will be shaded by surface treatments and Regensburská Street is below the level of the project, which is also about 300 m away.

After moving in

What are the expected costs of operating the apartment?

The cost of heating, electricity, water and minor costs such as cleaning and electricity of common areas, elevator operation, home insurance, property management and more will be gladly communicated to you by our sales staff in the sales center.

What guarantee is given for the apartment, and how will I be able to file a complaint if I have one?

The normal warranty period is 24 months. Trigema stands behind the quality of its apartments, which is why it offers an above-standard warranty period of 36 months. You can find more information in complaints Procedure.

How will to solved possible complaints?

Any complaints are resolved by Trigema without undue delay. It will agree on a defect elimination procedure with the apartment's owner. An important factor during the resolution of a complaint is the reporting of the defect by the new owner as soon as they discover it, and last but not least also collaboration with Trigema – granting access to the apartment at agreed times. You can find more detailed information in complaints procedure.

Purchasing process

How can I reserve an apartment?

It is possible to submit a Verbal Reservation regarding the apartment you have chosen, so that it is not sold before you make a definite decision. This reservation is free. For more information, don't hesitate to contact our sales centre using the contact form, or at the telephone number 800 340 350.

A new, previously unseen aspect of the Clever Living projects is also the option of concluding a Reservation Agreement at home or in the office, without the need to visit the sales centre. You can find more information about the entire online reservation (E-Reservation) process at E-Reservation.

What financing options are there?

The purchase of an apartment in the Bydlení Skvrňany project can be financed by practically all available means. In cash, in the form of a number of financial products (mortgage, building society loan etc.), or in the form of an individual payment calendar in accordance with the project's rules. Trigema offers a choice of several collaborating banking institutions. Our partners are ČSOB, ČS, HB and Unicredit. In order to arrange a mortgage from any of the collaborating banks, you need only proof of identity and confirmation of level of income. All of the other documents relating to the purchased property will be supplied to the bank by Trigema. More information is available at Purchasing process.

Contact details and others

Does the building have all the necessary permits?

The Bydlení Skvrňany project is finished and ready for you to move in.

Where can I find more information about the project?

We will be happy to supply all information about the project to you in person, in the Trigema sales centre Františka Kováříka 1333, Plzeň or in Prague at Trigema Bucharova 2641/14, 158 00 Prague 5 – the ground floor of the Explora Jupiter building at the Nové Butovice metro stop, or by telephone at 800 340 350. You can find an overview of the contact details in our Sales centre.